What is Smart Film?


The base of smart film is PDLC(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal).

Smart Film is an electronically controlled switchable film which becomes transparent from a opaque state at the flick of a switch.

The liquid crystal molecules line up and the incident light passes through when power is on, the smart film becomes transparent from an opaque state. On the other hand, when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, results in opaque state.

The smart film provides a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy in daily life. It is the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.


What is Self-adhesive Smart Film?

To users who are looking for switchable privacy film on a budget, the self-adhesive switchable film is a more cost effective optioncompared to alternative technologies.

GlobalSmartGlass provides self-adhesive switchable film which is ideal for both commercial and residential applications on budget. The dimming film can be easily installed onto existing glass without extra need for water or any additional mounting adhesives. You can simply install the film and wire the intelligent film back to the transformer. Our self-adhesive intelligent film can be controlled by a standard switch, a remote control or even by voice control via popular home automation systems like Amazons Alexa or Google Home.

Custom sizes of our privacy glass film can be manufactured to fit on existing glass surfaces like glass partitions or external windows or multiple pieces can be joined to cover large partitioned areas. This unique smart film technology also transforms any glass into a HD/4K rear projection surface, with the potential to display presentations, images, and videos and video games.

Our Switchable Privacy Film is incredibly convenient due to its retrofit capabilities. And we also offer full switchable glass solutions that can be integrated into bifold doors, bay windows or more bespoke window frame systems.



The Self Adhesive Switchable Film offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch! The privacy film works on an electrical principle switching from opaque to transparency when power is applied.

Switchable privacy film offers a cost efective alternative to blinds making it the ideal solutions for commercial or residential installations. The self-adhesive layer means that the PDLC film can be installed easily on existing glass – no worry for expensive window or partition replacement.

Our switchable intelligent film is an innovative product for both commercial and domestic installations.

This unique LC film technology allows transformation of any glass into a high definition rear projection screen which is able to display corporate presentations, TV images and videos. This next generation product allows switchable privacy film technology accessible to everyone, giving your home or business an added wow factor.

The switchable intelligent film comes with a self adhesive layer making installation to existing glass easy without the need for water or any additional adhesives. Simply install the privacy film and wire back to the transformer. The transformer can then be switched on / off by a standard lighting switch or our stylish RF remote control.

Free shapes and free size limitation. The switchable intelligent film can be supplied according to required shapes with laser cut and multiple pieces can be joined for large partitioned areas.

By means of energy saving, switchable privacy film technology offers a UV stable/ environmentally friendly solution reducing solar heat gain by up to 40%.


What kind products can be supplied?

We supplies massive rolls of self-adhesive intelligent film and custom size self-adhesive intelligent film with bus-bars(electrodes trip) to end users.

pdlc smart film

Massive rolls of self-adhesive smart film

pdlc smart film

Custom size self-adhesive intelligent film with bus-bars(electrodes strip)

How to make the busbars for smart film?

How to install the self-adhesive smart film?



We offer three kinds of smart films for lamination for different applications as in below.

Optical VLT-ON≥80% VLT-OFF<70% HAZE-ON ≤4% HAZE-OFF≥95% Working Voltage-ON 48-65VAC Response Time<10ms Power Consumption-ON≤5W/m2 Operating Temperature ON/OFF -10°C to 70°C Thickness≤400μm Maximum Width:2000mm Maximum Length:50m

More products and A4 smart film demo kits are available, please feel free to contact us!.



Immediate privacy protection
Reliable and practical
Modern style
Custom size
Easy care
Long live
Excellent for space-constrained areas
Decorative look
Harmful UV protection

pdlc smart film


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