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Insdustial Leader

As a leader in the market,we dedicated to develop and supply smart glass for residential and commercial spaces. Our premier quality and excellent performance gained a reputation among designers and owners in intelligent glass field.

Integrated Solutions

We provides customized solutions to factories and end users. Besides the standard smart film and glass, we are willing to assist our customers to design the space and teach the installation and maintenance.

Customer-first Service

The smart glass is completely customizable which even accommodate no standard window shapes, with promised finishing and tech know-how service to meet your requirement.

What We Do

We focus on smart film & smart glass

Smart Film for Lamination

Smart Film for Lamination

We supplies massive rolls intelligent film and custom size ones with bus-bars to the glass processed factories which are looking to produce your own switchable smart glass.

Laminated Smart Glass

Different thickness and custom size high quality intelligent glass is available for heat strength glass, low-iron glass or gray glass.

Self-adhesive Smart Film

Self-adhesive smart film can be easily installed onto existing glass. Intelligent film is an ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications on budget.


Transformer can be integrated with various controls as you like:remote contol,wall switch control,dimmer control,wifi-App control,etc.

What PDLC Can Do


Intelligent glass offers an instantly swift from transparent to opaque in various applications for privacy in offices, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and banks. The dimming glass are particularly popular for glass-walled or partitioned conference rooms in workspace or private homes based on open floor plans, or in hotel guestrooms where space is limited while privacy and elegance is required.

Safety & Security

The structure of PDLC privacy glass is like laminated safety glass. The film consist of PDLC formulation that is sealed between two panes of glass by interlayers (PVB or EVA). The intelligent glass prevents broken glass from scattering after a severe impact, keeping the window intact. The privacy glass meets safety glass standards and can be used in security and hurricane-resistant window applications.

Daylight control

Switchable privacy film is an active glass technology that switch the state with electricity for dynamic light control. The dimming film allows light to pass through for opacity or transparency by power on/off. By switching a window to its translucent state during peak sunlight, intelligent glass helps control interior room temperature and reduces the load on air conditioning systems, lowering energy costs.


Smart glass is dynamic, allowing a traditionally static material to become multifunctional and alive. Intelligent glass can be integrated into windows, partitions and other transparent surfaces, including architecture, automotive, retail windows and electronics. Privacy film/glass can transform a space from open and shared, to private and intimate. PDLC switchable film/glass also performs as a projection screen or a white-board.

Where To Use Smart Film & Glass


What is smart glass comprised?

Smart glass is a laminated glass comprising 2pcs of glass sandwiched in between by an EVA/PVB interlayer.

Why does PDLC require a polymer?

The polymer allows the liquid crystals to be embedded into a film, which can then be sandwiched between panels of glass or plastic. The polymer has constant optical properties which do not vary across its structure, and hence is considered isotropic.
In contrast, the liquid crystal itself is anisotropic, since its optical characteristics are not constant across its structure, but rather can vary under application of an electric field.

How much light does PDLC glass transmit?

When not connected to a voltage, typically the transmittance can be as low as 2%. When connected to a voltage, it can be up to 80%, but this maximum value varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Can smart glass/film be used in wet areas?

Yes, smart glass/film can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms. The edges of smart glass/film are are sealed with a non-acid silicone gel that prevent any contact with water.

What are the major reasons for using PDLC smart glass?

Enhanced security (since the glass is shatter-proof thanks to the internal plastic lamination)
Privacy (thanks to the scattering of light, essentially hiding whatever is behind the smart glass)
Glare reduction (again thanks to the scattering effect)
Reduction of the carbon footprint of the building thanks to the solar control, which reduces HVAC needs, both in summer and in winter
Reduced colour fading of interior furnishings and artworks, thanks to the rejection of UV
Creative marketing, since when the PDLC smart glass is off, the scattering effect creates a screen upon which you can project images.






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