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What is the power consumption of smart glass/film?

Smart glass/film consumes less than 5W/sqm.

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What is the power source of smart glass/film?

Smart glass/film is operated using 48-65VAC power supply. Transformer will be needed for 110-230V power source.


How much light does PDLC glass transmit?

When not connected to a voltage, typically the transmittance can be as low as 2%. When connected to a voltage, it can be up to 80%, but this maximum value varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Can smart glass/film be regulated to gradually change its state?

Yes, smart glass/film can be regulated to slowly transform from opaque to transparent or vice versa. A transformer with dimmer function is needed.


Can smart glass/film be remotely activated?

Yes, smart glass/film can be remotely activated. Transformer can be integrated with various controls as you like: remote contol, wall switch control, dimmer control, wifi-App control, etc.


Are the only states of PDLC just ON and OFF?

No, the transmittance (level of transparency) of the PDLC can be varied from 0% in the OFF state up to any value you want until you reach the maximum transmittance (normally 70% or 80%). This is done by simply altering the voltage from 0 VAC up to 70VAC, which is typically the maximum recommended voltage. This can be done electrically with a variable isolating transformer, or electronically with a switched-mode smart glass dimmer.