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What are the major reasons for using PDLC smart glass?

Enhanced security (since the glass is shatter-proof thanks to the internal plastic lamination)
Privacy (thanks to the scattering of light, essentially hiding whatever is behind the smart glass)
Glare reduction (again thanks to the scattering effect)
Reduction of the carbon footprint of the building thanks to the solar control, which reduces HVAC needs, both in summer and in winter
Reduced colour fading of interior furnishings and artworks, thanks to the rejection of UV
Creative marketing, since when the PDLC smart glass is off, the scattering effect creates a screen upon which you can project images.

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What is the warranty period for smart glass/film?

Warranty period is 2 years from date of installation. The life time of the film/glass is up to 10 years depends on varies working environment.


Is smart glass/film available in irregular shapes?

Yes, smart glass/film is available in all irregular shapes as you want, including curved glass.


Can smart glass/film be used in bathroom?

Yes, smart glass and film can be used in moisture areas so long as the edges are sealed with a non-acid silicone gel. For bathrooms, we recommend using our smart glass product as the switchable PDLC layer is protected from water by the glass. All electrical components need to be sealed and protected from contact with moisture.


Can smart glass/film be remotely activated?

Yes, smart glass/film can be remotely activated. Transformer can be integrated with various controls as you like: remote contol, wall switch control, dimmer control, wifi-App control, etc.


What is the power source of smart glass/film?

Smart glass/film is operated using 48-65VAC power supply. Transformer will be needed for 110-230V power source.